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It's a Dangerous Game...


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Spuffy & Sparrabeth, Made For Me By indigodiaries

About Me

I live in Missouri. I stand at about 5'3, my eyes are brown, my hair is black. I'm about 3/4 English and 1/4 Cherokee (with some other bits thrown in)- and that's the basics at least.

As for the rest of it, I'm very unpredictable and a bit on the mad side. Very random. I have a big history fetish, and am a fan of The Tudors and The Borgias, and love A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones, Phantom of the Opera - preferably in book form but Webber's great too, pirates (Pirates of the Caribbean films, Pirate history, Captain fucking Hook; anything to do with them really), vampires - Stoker to Rice To Whedon; NO MEYER or much else recent, save True Blood, which I also love. I'm also really interested in Harry Potter and the DC Comics universe - mainly the Gotham City crowd, and Marvel i.e. original X-Men, Avengers, Thor, Spiderman, Ironman, Hulk Daredevil, etc.

I make fanvids, and the link is on the profile. I love music, hanging out with friends, writing when I can manage to concentrate, gaining new experiences, and most of the movies I watch. I used to roleplay online regularly and write fanfiction, though have kind of gotten out of that (trying to catch onto having something called a life, I guess), but admittedly am still something of an icon oggler. I'm an agnostic with some pagan-spiritual influence, a very opinionated and open minded individual, though typically I'm quiet and keep to myself unless I get irritated in which case I don't shrink from telling someone exactly how I feel for the sake of their feelings. The music I listen to is usually a mash up of metal genres, showtunes, folk rock, and dark cabaret with a lot of neo-classical instrumental stuff stuck in between.

If you want to argue with me, go right ahead, but most of the time I won't argue about opinions. It's rather pointless and stupid. It's like taking two five year olds and watching them duke it out over which of their favorite colours is better. So, don't wanna hear it if you're just going to prod my opinions around, i.e religion, politics, shipping wars, etc. I'll discuss my opinion happily, but if you want to challenge them I probably won't bother much. Also: don't bother if you can't spell and/or don't try. I'll twitch, and that's just not a very pleasant experience. Gives me a bit of a migraine, you know? I'm a semi-retired grammar nazi, but still...

I'm a gemini and woman, so obviously my perverse and cynical side also has a dopey romantic side - though, joy to the world, it's fucked up too so no gushy for me. Heh, I can be hopelessly rant-y at times as well as over-excitable, even if I don't always show it.

You can, err, pretty much tell my fandom 'shipping preferences, but for further notice:

Sherlock BBC - Sherlock and Irene. All the yes.
Pirates of the Caribbean - Jack/Elizabeth - yeah, yeah, I know - anything against the typical Disney-romance vibe I'm typically for
True Blood - Sookie/Eric - yeah, sorry the whole broody thing doesn't do it for me. Alcide gets a few bonus votes, because - Damn.
Vampire Diaries -Damon/Elena - my preferences are starting to get stereotypical here...
Phantom of the Opera - Erik/Christine (yes, I do love psychopathic, sallow guys. It's a thing)
The Tudors - Anne Boleyn is the only queen worth watching
Robin Hood - Marian/Guy of Gisborne - yep, definitely getting stereotypical
Buffyverse - Spike/Buffy or Spike/Angel or Spike/Drusilla/Angelus/Darla mostly though I'm amused by the bitter irony of Buffy/Angelus and am usually for some others like Spike/Anya, Willow/Oz (they were cute), Angelus/Darla, Faith/Angel(us), Cordy/Doyle, Angel/Cate, Wesley/Fred, Lindsey/Darla
Game of Thrones - Rheagar/Lyanna, Dany/Drogo, Sansa/Hound (innocent girl and scarred murderer stereotype popping in...), Arya/Gendry, Tyrion/Shae is adorable, despite what happens in the books, Jon/Igritte, Jon/Dany... there's a lot of amusing character combinations, there.
Harry Potter - I'm pretty indecisive on this one. I definitely do like Snape/Lily but aside from that I don't necessarily strictly "ship" anyone. I can read anything from Ron/Hermione to Sirius/Remus to Sirius/Bellatrix to Harry/Draco, to Hermione/Draco to Hermione/Snape (which is probably best for smut, but...)
Comics - Considering this is more "wide" ranging I'll just list a few. Joker/Harley, Batman/Catwoman, and millions of others in the "Gotham" area as its one giant collection of interconnected demented love triangles, Wolverine/Jean Grey (you can tell I'm 'anti-hero/villain gets the girl' lass, huh?), Nightwing/Huntress, Question/Huntress, Batman/Huntress (yes, I am talking II not his daughter), Tony Stark/Pepper Potts, etc.
Blood Ties - Henry/Vicki, though the I love the love triangle as it stands...why can't there just be a bunch of threesomes in love triangles, and we can all be happy? oh well...
Vampire Chronicles - Lestat/Louis, mostly though if Louis is too stubborn I will pop in there myself. Why can't they all just...have a gigantic orgy of doom, really?
Sweeney Todd - Sweeney/Lovett, no explanation necessary.
Repo! The Genetic Opera - Graverobber/Shilo for corruption of the innocence, Graverobber/Amber for demented smut, and all the other characters are just awesome no matter what.
Jekyll and Hyde - I had to add it, merely for the fact that Jekyll/Lucy/Hyde is an amazing concept and I suppose I'm a little bit in love with Edward Hyde. Yes, I do have issues.

I'm rather hard to explain. If you're curious, please friend me. I don't bite unless asked politely, and I'm bored a lot. I'm always up for new friends. My journal is not nor will be friends only to my knowledge, but I have my fickle moments, so nothing's set in stone. As you will soon see I have a graphics addiction. Plus I'm sarcastic and really really easily amused and yet just as easily bored.

I should be more active now. I wasn't for a long ass time because - no internet at all. Now, limited internet, but internet none the less.

My Communities

vampiracy - Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Pirates of the Caribbean crossover community
sparra_vids - Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow/Elizabeth Swann fanvid community.

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