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INTERNET BACK! + Adlock Vidlet

I will now be able to actually post on here regularly again, thanks in large part to my having internet again. YAY. Finally. And I'm still hopelessly Sherlocked by nerd-dom right now. Star Trek: Into Darkness gave me so many villain fetish problems...

Oh well. Anyway. Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D was truly awesome. I'm definitely going to be watching it. It has that unmistakable Marvel feel while still keeping up with the Buffy snark. I love it all ready. I've been wanting a new Whedon series for...well, ever since the last one. Actually, I still haven't seen Dollhouse, or rather most of it. Much to my sadness. But anyway, keep a look out for your general Whedonverse cameos (a prominent role, at least for episode one, was given to J. August Richards who really should have more work than he does.) I've also, perhaps late, am prepared to start in on Da Vinci's Demons - not only because renaissance era cable drama is kind of my thing and Da Vinci is an extremely interesting character to portray as a younger man, but because I've gotten this thing for Lara Pulver's acting since she played Irene on Sherlock. She also sings showtunes. It's pretty amazing. Yes, I'm a sad little shipper. We're also not discussing my irrevocable Cumberbatch fascination. I don't know if I'm a Cumberbitch or a Cumbercookie or a member of the Cumber Collective - whatever, I really don't care. Cumberbitch actually amuses me, if for no other reason than to hear him say to Chris Pine "You kissed one of my bitches!" on television. That was great.

And I'm working on vids still. I made one short vidlet which did NOT translate well to youtube, effects wise, but sigh - I rendered it in too low a quality and it just went blah. Oh well. I still like it. I'm attempting to use some editing on youtube to see if it will improve it any, so I'll edit this post with the link later on when it's all settled.

I'm working on another Adlock vid to Heavy In Your Arms by Florence and the Machine, and it is a BITCH but it's fun. I plan on rendering it in HD this time. I was just using uber slow connection when I uploaded the other one, so it needed the help.

Anyway, til later! I must go whore graphics, haven't done it in forever :)

I'll probably due vid recs or something later, since youtube is one of the first things I've been playing around with since I regained internet, haha.


It's Scandal In Belgravia based, a bit Adlock-y but not too shippy except in subtext. And it's to The Riddle from The Scarlet Pimpernel

Quote actually

Fandom Nostalgia!

Having some hardcore nerd nostalgia, my friends! I hooked up with some old rp/writing buddies, and thanks to discovering wattpad I have found non-johlock Sherlock fanfic. Hell, OFC, blatant self-insertion crack fic. Eventhe 'gorgeous fictional character magically appears on your door step' nonsense. And I love it! Why do I love what some would deem bad fanfic? Its the first kind I ever read. I got addicted to exactly this type of shit when I first discovered fandom in its beautiful entirety. And said fictional character was Captain Jack Sparrow at the time, but hey

Anyway, just wanted to say as well thatI really miss being a regular on hand all this fandom feels has motivated vidding as well! So hopefully I'll have something to show for this soon.

And also an offer? If any one of you just wants someone to randomly talk about total nonsense, being analytical or philosophical or merely fangirl squee festing on any nerdy subject we have in common - I'm your girl. I love talking and rambling about stuff most people definitively don't care about. I love being able to share the awesome and I've lost most of my closer online contacts in my annoying absences. So, if we have anything in common - consider it an open invitation to just start a stupid conversation with me, or an intelligent one or one just consisting of pointing and expletives
Coffee First

And alas my internet has disappered again

...Obviously. But, anyway - its given me time to get back into Castle and into Once Upon A Time! I all ready am avoiding getting too deep into the fandom of OUAT though, because there seem to be some really annoyingly persistent shippers. I really dislike that... I am a shipper, but I don't attack people who don't agree with me or harass the writers on twitter? I mean, really...that's a little overboard. But, I'm not trying to be judgey, just seems a bit rude. Kind of like, sadly, I've started to really dislike Sherlock fandom - certain fangirls are starting to get pretty pushy. I usually at least think Johnlock is a bit cute, but wow. Getting a little overboard. At least on facebook.

Heh, strike me down where you will, shippers, but it's just really starting to take over. All the Sherlock pages are like teenage fangirl hell. Oh well. I'm working on a Sherlock/Irene vid finally, but being really procrastinate-y about, unfortunately. I need

And dear lord, this next season is going to be busy for me actually attempting to watch shows. Castle season six, Once Upon A Time season three, the new Neil Jordan Dracula series with Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Black Flag, Agents of Shield....Sherlock season three - finally, um... wow. And True Blood's getting interesting. Still not sure what I think about the whole Warlow thing... Billith is pretty intense, yet somehow I still want to mock him, though. And oooh, Terry. That was pretty screwy.... Excuse my attempt to be vague, ha.

Anyway, just checking in.
Game of Thrones: Khal and Khalessi

My Birthday

Happy birthday to me! Nothing special going on in particular. Family, enchiladas, brownies, coffee. Yays. Oh, and thank you Florencia for sending me a happy birthday so far :)


Don't worry , I plan on going out with some friends this weekend. There will be rum! I have not lost my edge. ( The coffee will be spiked anyway :p )


I'm working on vids in between goofy sims mod collecting, being all mommy-like, and reading Stieg Larsson. Having some slip ups with internet access >.< ergo the mobile entry. Hopefully will be fixed.


And hello True Blood my old friend! Anyone have thoughts on the new episode? No real spoiler-ness, but just in case anyone hasn't seen it and doesn't want to see discussion - under ze cut.

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Game of Thrones: Khal and Khalessi

New Vid! Spike/Buffy - Feed On Me (Judas Priest)

All right friends, here it is!

Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Season Six)
Pairing: Spike/Buffy
Warnings: Sex and violence, but no more than seen in the show
Song: Feed On Me by Judas Priest
Description: A look at the Spike/Buffy dynamic through the majority of the sixth season, Buffy "feeding" off of Spike to make her pain lessen, etc.
Notes: Spoilers for the sixth season up to "As You Were" (Episode 15). I also used some dailies from 'Smashed', 'Doublemeat Palace' , 'Dead Things', and 'As You Were'.

Direct Youtube Link:

Streaming below the cut

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Quote actually


Anybody into Sherlock fandom? Please, oh dear god, please. Better yet, anybody into Sherlock/Irene. I appreciate Johnlocke but I've been an Irene Adler fangirl since I was eight. Wishbone, my friends. Wishbone.

Anyway, OMG I have to vid Sherlock, now.

...After I finish my Spuffy and my Sparrabeth and vid some Game of Thrones...


Dude, and does anybody know Miracle of Sound - if not, for fucking shame. Go, now. He's an awesome Irish singer/songwriter/producer who makes really epic songs about movies, comics, videogames, etc. Game of Thrones fans - Halfman's Song is genius. He has like FOUR Skyrim songs, a really amazing Joker song (and his Joker voice is fucking amazing), Transformers (old school), Fallout, Borderlands, Dark Knight Rises, OH the Iron Man song is epic, Assassin's Creed, 007, DragonAge - ... he's just awesome and you should view.
True Blood: Eric and Sookie

"Dead Ever After" The Last Sookie Book

Originally posted by petzipellepingo at "Dead Ever After" The Last Sookie Book
Book 13 marks the end of Sookie Stackhouse series

Carol Memmott, USA TODAY

The Sookie Stackhouse saga, which inspired the TV show 'True Blood, ends on May 7 with 'Dead Ever After.'

The Sookie Stackhouse saga comes to an end on May 7 with the publication of Dead Ever After (Ace), the 13th novel in Charlaine Harris' paranormal series about the telepathic Bon Temps, La., waitress whose story is the inspiration for HBO's True Blood. In this final chapter, a shocking murder rocks Bon Temps and Sookie is arrested for the crime. Harris, 61, spoke with USA TODAY's Carol Memmott about Sookie's final chapter and what's up next:
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